Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Guided Vehicle

Here, I am sharing you some merits and demerits of Automated Guided Vehicle. This product is very helpful to manufacturing industries as in warehouse you can use it. Continue reading “Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Guided Vehicle”


What is Production Monitoring System and How it Works?

Production Monitoring indicates an on-site Product Maintenance completed daily of your production. An inspector scrutinizes your manufacturing plant, enforcing your requirements, choosing products at random for assessment as well as defining as well as removing problems. You get everyday records considering high quality as well as completion status, putting you under control of the total process.

Continue reading “What is Production Monitoring System and How it Works?”

Time Attendance System : Features and Types

Time attendance system is a kind of business enterprise software created to keep track of and magnify the time that staff members spend on the job and maintain data of wages as well as incomes paid. This kind of software program is popular with businesses and organizations of all types. Among the benefits calculated are facial, fingerprints, handwriting, iris, retina, and voice. Continue reading “Time Attendance System : Features and Types”

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